Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Scaups through the snow

Ring necked duck again present all day today - reportedly showing very well in the morning before drifting further north on the res later on.  The scaup and hybrids were also present - thanks to HVWG again for these pictures from yesterday - pukka scaup with big round head, big bill with black nail, and pale uppers:
Hybrid type scaup - note the tuft that shouldn't be there - betraying a half tufty parentage:
And the 'lesser scaup' type hybrid with darker uppers and coarse vermiculation - presumably the same bird which had been causing head scratchings in the LDV last month:
A good day by all accounts across the reserve.  Pintail were also on the res this afternoon:

And both woodcock showed well from the centre late aft:

Further south at Wilfholme Vaughan Grantham recorded 6 bewick's swans with later observers recording 8.  In amongst the large golden plover flock Vaughan also reports a green sandpiper.