Sunday, 3 February 2013

In focus at last!

It took three weeks - but finally the ring-necked duck completed its 4 mile trip up the river Hull from high Eske! Thanks to Tony Disley of InFocus Optics who picked the bird up shortly after setting up stall this morning (not Bernie as previously stated - who's customer picked out the amur falcon last time round).  I've yet to get any pics for the blog in spite of a good show through the afternoon - so I'm afraid it's just my phone scoped blur taken a few seconds before the mammal safari today:
For better have a look on Erich's page - and I'm sure there'll be more to come yet.

The arrival of this bird was also combined with at least three scaup - one of which was a pukka male.  The other two reportedly had some element of hybridity even giving a lesser scauped-esque appearance.  Already a discussion as to whether these were the same birds from the LDV a couple of weeks back? details here.

17 pintail were also an excellent winter maxima so far - and Martin brought the day to a fine end with the first little gull of the year. 

An excellent day on D res aside, the rest of the site was respectable too.  Otter has been hunting on Watton NR both yesterday morning on the reserve walk (under Tony McLean's lens - but no pictures as yet on Flickr - he'd possibly frozen in the snow!), and also this afternoon.  A pink footed goose was present there yesterday and the red-head smew made a welcome return again today. 

For those chosen even the woodcock showed this morning - two birds in the back hedge again.  However by dusk they had shyed of publicity again.  Elsewhere barn owl, siskin and kingfisher today.  Ermine stoat seen near Sleight's Farm and willow tit on the feeders yesterday, with merlin on the carrs. 

Next event on the list is the decliphering ducks event - 1pm next Sunday - no booking necessary.  Hopefully we'll have some exciting ducks still about!