Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ducks deciphered

The snow stayed away and as such a few of us managed to take in a very aythyacational day on the deciphering ducks event this afternoon.  With the contents of D res at the moment we managed to go through a whole page of Collins with everything in between. Today we got some better views of the new 1st winter drake scaup found yesterday - pictured here top right with the ring necked duck lower right:
The bird of the moment was still here at dusk tonight - still in it's familiar pose:
We also had this tufted duck x scaup hybrid too:
In addition there were 16 pintail, a shelduck, and on O res and latterly Watton NR the red head smew.  Around 55 pink footed geese flew over NW at 11:00.  Have a look on Erich's site too for more aythya's and an interesting leucistic wigeon. Tony has updated his page with more Watton NR pics where a grey heron was hiding today. Also check out Africa Gomez's page for a nice barn owl sketch and the contents of a pellet revealing its diet - very comparable to what we found on the mammal safari's of the last couple of weeks.  And finally Chris Bell has some pictures of another predator of rodents - the stoat near the Hempholme hide here.

The little gull appears to be a nightly visitor, joined by a lesser black backed gull, and finally three woodcock were unveiled as darkness fell tonight - a picture of two in brighter conditions yesterday: