Friday, 8 February 2013

ring for a red-head

Ring-necked duck still present all day today - although generally distant at the top of D.  Many thanks to Steve Routledge for finding the bird first thing and then taking the time to re-locate for others later on.  He sent us this shot of the bird on a rare occasion it was not asleep:
For more of Steve's pics see his excellent blog here.  The lesser scaup'esque hybrid was also present - sleeping pic here:
The hybrid tufty scaup was also there - but no sign of the genuine scaup.  Two pintail all day and Andy Nunn managed to refind the red-head smew on D res last thing.  Water rail made a brief dash across North Marsh according to Alan Walkington and Steve reports two little egret at Hempholme.  Again he also sent us this snap of one of the centre woodcocks:
Two were on show all day - but come 17:00 we were treated to a feeding frenzy as they finally came into action feeding along the front of the hedge - and revealing there are actually three of them tucked in there!

One final note - you may notice we have the Deciphering Ducks event on Sunday at 1.30pm.  Just an advance warning that although we have plenty of interesting ducks to decipher - the forecast weather may hinder this - particularly if we get stuck at Tophill! So be prepared for a last minute cancellation - we'll announce it on here and twitter if that has to be the case.