Wednesday, 6 February 2013

rubber necking a ring neck

A thoroughly miserable day with strong northerlies saw most of the wildfowl sheltering at the north of the D reservoir.  As such no reports came in of the ring-necked duck til the end of the day when a thorough scan turned up this stunning view of the bird asleep half way up the reservoir:
Whilst it may not have been a fulfilling view for me - at least anyone hoping to see it tomorrow can take heart it was still asleep at dusk as the sleet storm enveloped the res.  Lots of big gulls on tonight but nothing noteworthy as far as seen.  A drake pintail was again on - but no sign of the scaup and it's half cousins; That's not to say they weren't there as viewing conditions were pretty awful with next to no one looking.  This unfortunate tufted duck was sporting a rubber band - hopefully not a life threatening entanglement but clearly unwelcome attire:
Woodcock also just visible from the centre.