Tuesday, 27 November 2012

water everywhere, but not a spot to fish...

The river appears to have dropped a bit through the day; it was still running at 3.84 this morning:

The drain seems to have risen in the night though into surrounding fields - river on the road at Watton:

Watton Carrs:

Easingwold Farm:

Barmston Drain from the access road bridge:

Decoy fields from D res:

Standingholme from the Hempholme road:

Hempholme Meadow:

The overtop still flowing at Bethell's bridge:

Perhaps more worrying were the springs jetting up from the base of the defense:
Unfortunately some oil or diesel on the main river:
 Scurf dyke overflowing into Barmston Drain:

At least by 4pm the level had dropped down to 3.80 - so hopefully past the worst?:
 But if you're a kingfisher is this a blessing or not?:
Certainly plenty of places to hunt; but where?: