Monday, 26 November 2012

Drove a bewick to the levee

The River Hull overtopped its banks this morning just north of Tophill Low between Hempholme Lock and Bethell's Swing Bridge - a sizable flow into Barmston Drain and over into Struncheonhill ponds:

And in full HD here!:
The river at the weir reached 3.85 metres at lunchtime - up 26cm from yesterday morning:
Barmston drain is very full and has comprehensively flooded the low fields around Standingholme:

Hempholme Meadow on the other hand is now substantially lower than both the drain and river so the non return valves seem to be working.  If it stopped like this it would be ideal for winter - a few mallard were enjoying it today:

There is still a foot or so to go before the drain and Watton NR join:

But one should always look on the bright side - if you're a weird buzzard that's the case.  The individual we mentioned yesterday was on the edge of Standingholme lake - presumably picking up worms and rodents:

It has the look of a common buzzard to me - but I have not seen it in flight.  'Son of' the white buzzard has been mentioned - but all thoughts are welcome.  Certainly not welcomed by the local crow:

However a more certain good bird was a bewick's swan which flew around Hempholme Meadow calling at 15:00 - called by Denice Coverdale and a Tophill tick for me and I think the first in at least 5 years.  A further 4 have apparently been seen just down river at Aike.

The over top was still going at 16:45 this evening:

There is still a flood warning on the EA floodline site tonight.