Friday, 2 December 2011

The shortage ends

At last we have some photographs of the short-eared owls at Hempholme! Thanks to Michael Flowers for these pictures taken on Wednesday:

Visit his blog for many more here.

And this one by David Marritt yesterday – hopefully the first ones of many:

The next big news is on the geese front. The count yesterday saw us back up to 53 eurasian white fronts with an egyptian thrown in, but today we have had reported 69 eurasian white fronts – along with a single greenland white front – race flavirostris. A good bird for the area (if indeed 69 ‘standard’ white fronts isn’t!!). This has been apparently seen by several reliable observers today – but having not been there I will not stick finder credits on until we know them.

Other than that; red head smew on Watton today with two black tailed godwits yesterday and 7 Redshank + a pair of flyover goosander.

A reminder that the monthly reserve walk will be on at 10am tomorrow – and we’ll likely be looking at the geese and tracking down short-eared owls. Event free with standard admission.

Also we still have places available on the mammal safari next Sunday at 1pm – book in advance only on 01377 270690. An chance to look for otter tracks and trails, fox and deer prints and see what the trail camera’s found this week. Realistically whether we’ll get views of our native mammals like Brian Spence did on the 29th is unlikely!:

Or for that matter pictures like this by David Ware – visit his site for the full sequence!: