Friday, 2 December 2011

Greenland white-front pics

Big thanks to Martin for these pictures of the flavirostris race - or greenland white-fronted goose present both on D res and Decoy Fields this afternoon (the winter wheat fields to the west if you are not familiar with the name):

These birds can sometimes be 'a bit dodgy' as we've come to expect with our geese visits so far this winter - but this one does look very good for a gen. article - it being the bird much darker than its neighbours, with an equally nice big orange bill and the very bold belly streaking:

For more photo's check out Martin's site here.

As for the finder - read Martin's blog as it says it all; it appears our 'phantom' may have struck again...

...maybe they'll submit a report for that bonaparte's one day...

Regardless of that, well done whomever found it - and to Tim for re-finding it. As I am aware this may well be a new Tophill ssp. tick.

If you are viewing tomorrow on the fields please be considerate, as they can be flighty (and you can't see the belly bands as well when they've all fled onto D res!)