Saturday, 24 December 2011

Not even for a stirring mouse…

The night before Christmas at Hempholme remains not the best place if you’re a rodent. The short-eared owls have continued their erratic displays in the area and yielded some great views as here for David Ware. And who can forget the barn owls too? A pair gave great shows for Tony and Rory viewable on the Flickr Group here.

At the same time though we have had another glimpse of our long-eared too – apparently giving great displays along the concrete road on Thursday. Just further to the west of Struncheonhill on Tuesday Tom Lowe also had more nice raptors in the form of a female merlin, peregrine and juv hen harrier.

The green-winged teal has continued to show on Watton ‘til reportedly today, where the white-front flock with the greenland bird and this smew courtesy of Tom reside:

Thanks to Tom for also sending this video grab (below) of the glaucous gull which has given a spectacular performance; showing every night until Thursday, when it was replaced by a reported caspian gull – if anyone has more info on the bird that would be great. Thanks to Martin for the update which showed no sign of either on this evenings roost:

Merry Christmas to all…