Thursday, 14 April 2011

Heron updates to 18:40

Predictably the bird chose not to show this afternoon. At around 10.50am it flew south from South Lagoon dropping into the Southern Reserve. The only glimmer by the time I left at 18:40 tonight was a probable sighting of the bird flying between the Southern Marshes at 15:00. If I get any further update on the bird tonight I will stick it on.

Big thanks to Richard Manning who with his wife discovered the bird this morning and took the trouble to send us these pictures tonight - he was one of those lucky enough during the birds stay to have a camera ready when it flew in and got these great shots which really capture the purple:

I am informed the bird is being featured in the countryweek section of tomorrow's Yorkshire Post - featuring a photo taken by Andy Hood at the weekend.

Other sightings today have included the drake scaup, whooper swan, little-ringed plover and sedge warbler.