Monday, 11 April 2011

Heron updates 2

No news as I am aware yet (at 8.30 on Monday morning) on the heron (after a couple of long days our volunteers are kindly opening today so I write from home). A sighting at Spurn at 8am this morning was hopefully another bird arriving rather than ours going.

The low down for yesterdays activity was that despite the first observer being on site at 5am it was not picked up until 12.15 briefly when it appeared in tall alders at the north of the lagoon. It would appear that this was where it had spent the night. Unfortunately no sooner had it been found than it was flushed - apparently by birders on the bank.

Through the afternoon conflicting accounts came in until it returned to the same site at 2ish - showing very well and eating frogs and sticklebacks. When I get a moment I will compile links up with good photos - or send them across to the e-mail above right. At around 4.30 a dog walker disturbed it and it flew south low. It was not picked up last night certainly to 7.30pm to my knowledge. Again lots of habitat to go at and plenty of places to hide so we will see what happens today.

Other good birds yesterday included common crane flying south east (then still flying south east over Sunk Island half and hour later!). Drake scaup back on D res with yellow and white wagtail on the walls. First showy greenshank at the south end of the site and the white fronted and pink-footed geese on Watton NR. Peregrine and 5 common buzzard over the car park. Water rail showing well on North Marsh, and both marsh frog and grass snake delighted many unfamiliar with the reserve.