Thursday, 20 May 2010

Small sightings

Large red damselfly

Common blue damselfly

Blue-tailed damselfly

Azure damselfly

Four spotted chaser dragonfly

No more purple heron sightings from Sunday, but a tiny (smaller than a wagtail)passing temminck's stint present at Watton from Monday to Tuesday was a good replacement - if a little distant to photo (above). A dunlin and whimbrel have also passed through at Watton. Otherwise a bit quieter on the bird front with some turtle dove activity and the odd marsh harrier sighting being the best. The warm weather has really brought on the insects with the midges on the wing around the O reservoir pictured, along with a number of grass snake sightings.

In addition are some great damselflies now about - Jeff Barker has sent a selection of pics shown above.

Also Michael Flowers dropped in on Monday and got some great warbler pics here, and Martin was in on tuesday getting some good butterfly/damselfly pics here...