Saturday, 15 May 2010

First dragonflies...

Today saw the first dragonflies of the year with several four-spotted chasers about (like the one eating a tasty St. Mark's fly above) as well as a hairy dragonfly - no doubt a full write up on Martin's blog soon - this species was only discovered at the Reserve last year. Also plenty of damselflies - many of them teneral - i.e. lacking their full colours yet, but a couple of red-eyed were amongst them. A few butterflies like orange-tips, brimstones and speckled woods, but a slow start - no blues at all yet. Swallow prominent - above - was the best of the moth trap.

Bird wise we have now reached 10 common terns on South Marsh East - but only 4 pairs as the latest two seem intent on chasing each other off. The oystercatchers continued to feed their chicks which are readily visible as above. Marsh harrier was over D res (above). Wood sandpiper was on Watton but a bit elusive, 3 song thrush fledglings were in the wood NE of O Res, and the first tawny owl chick appeared in D woods. No sign of the black swans today though.