Friday, 12 March 2010

Woodcock continues to please

The Wildlife Centre woodcock is still present and seems to be getting more of a showman by the day. Afternoons seem to be best when it arrives from its morning snooze somwhere out of our view. It normally starts actively feeding around 4.30pm when it gives excellent views (see Michael Flowers pic of it earlier in its stay). Likewise the brambling are still prevalent and looking better every day as the pic I got yesterday shows. The bittern/s are still showing - attention focusing mainly on North Marsh now with a sighting yesterday afternoon briefly (I have attached the two finest pictures we have received yet of it during its stay by regulars Michael Flowers (stood on reeds) and Jeff Barker (stood on ice). A stoat was also seen hunting here yesterday with a pair of sparrowhawk displaying overhead. Again smew and pintail have been showing on and off too on the southern site, with a weasel and treecreepers adding to the mix.
Today we have had a couple of benches installed at two of the Northern Ponds at popular request from those hard on walking/keen on dragonflies!, and have also dropped the levels on our South Marsh West ready for the anticipated return of little ringed plover as they are apparently coming this way...