Saturday, 6 March 2010

The orange woodpecker...

This morning we had the monthly reserve walk (1st Saturday of each month). First off were the bramblings on the feeders but no woodcock - possibly disturbed by the moth trap running overnight. A quick check revealed a pale brindled beauty and a pair of chestnut moths. A pair of buzzards were displaying over North Lagoon with a peregrine reported on Watton Carrs later on. A distant barn owl was present beyond D res and another was seen first thing near the brand new owl box on the JSR farmland adjacent to Tophill. 3 smew were on Watton NR with a fine fox. Finally someone doubted the orange great-spotted woodpecker existed the other day - so here it is in full tangerine technicolour - not adjusted in any way! This is at least its third year on the reserve.