Wednesday, 10 March 2010

...and the white weasel

There are now some hints of spring at the reserve with the first coltsfoot in flower on the 'O' reservoir ditch - albeit 3 weeks later than it is normally recorded - seems bizarre to have snowdrops still in full bloom in mid-March! The weekend saw the first green sandpiper moving through the site, whilst the 3 smew seemed somewhat flighty. A female pintail has been in evidence since Sunday, and today three goosander - 2 females and a drake again returned to D res. Brambling were again plentiful and looking better every day. The woodock has been seen sunday and today, both times only emerging at dusk from a hiding place out of view. See todays video of it feeding. The fox was at Watton on Sunday afternoon and mustelids have been plentiful, an otter popping up briefly in front of some very lucky visitors on South Marsh East on Sunday afternoon, with a stoat seen around the lagoons again the last two days, and in keeping with our believe it or not theme a white weasel (not an ermine stoat before you say it!) was sighted by a reliable source on Sunday!