Friday, 28 June 2013

Purple perseverance

Just a quick update; purple heron has been showing for a chosen few over the last couple of days.  Probably spending much time feeding on the EA scrapes on the river Hull berm it has been coming into North Marsh and Hempholme Meadow irregularly where it is equally invisible.  Those lucky have had it in flight or perched on the river bank like Tony below.

Still plenty of kingfishers to while away the time on though - three regularly on the perches at the moment.

As you may have seen on our press release today if not here already, our marsh harriers are still doing well with the birds bringing prey in regularly - seemingly all moorhen chicks at the moment.  For anyone interested we'll be running a warden led walk at 2pm each weekend afternoon; meet in the car park and learn a bit more about the birds.

We've also referenced an open weekend in conjunction with the BBC's Summer of Wildlife campaign we'll be running on the 20th / 21st of July when we'll have a whole host of events and trails on - keep your eyes out for more info here or on the BBC Things to do website.

Lastly a final event update; the Barn owl event tomorrow as advertised is strictly book in advance only - and we are fully booked so please do not turn up on the event as there is no room...