Saturday, 30 March 2013

Red neck's and cannibals

Red-necked grebe was the find of the day - found by Doug and Martin this evening on the D res roost:
First in a few years (they're generally more of a sea going grebe on migration).  Not the greatest of pics but hopefully it'll stay around for tomorrow:
Thanks to Roy Vincent for these shots of the goosanders also still present yesterday:
We reckon it's now close season on the gull roost, freshly ploughed fields encouraging a few in, but unfortunately not a vintage year like last year. Thanks to Roy for these of the roost:
Pete Drury sent these of the common gull presumably killed by a peregrine (the falcon kills in a mid air strike and follows it to ground; but if it falls on water then it cannot claim it for fear of becoming waterlogged and drowning) - this great black backed gull swooped in for an easy meal in the form of its cousin:
Roy stopped in the hide and snapped this second common gull carcass floating past - which we can only assume was a repeat of the first incident? The peregrine was again seen over Watton today:
Andy Marshall meanwhile staked out North Marsh and got these flight shots of the five little egrets flying to roost - presumably on Watton at dusk:
Roy snapped this redwing too with a tasty morsel:
We flushed a jack snipe from Hempholme meadow yesterday also, and there is seemingly a big movement of pied wagtails on at the moment too.

Tony McLean meanwhile has been trying out a new toy with great results - photos on Flickr here.  I can't help but think this otter looks familiar to one photographed by Roy Vincent on North Marsh last year - as that too was apparently blind in its right eye?