Thursday, 28 March 2013

A ray of sunshine

A near tropical 4degC today along with a few bursts of sun saw the skylarks back on the wing and buzzard up.  The cream crown marsh harrier made a foray up the river next to Hempholme Meadow - perhaps the same seen by Tony McLean at Watton last week:
The gull roost had a final flourish in the strong Easterlies.  Martin Hodges picked out this nice full plumaged mediterranean gull on Sunday - one of two:
Visit his page here for the full write up which includes little gull and several lesser black backed gulls now coming in.  We had a look tonight but it was a scene of carnage - seemingly the peregrine which has been hanging around all week had killed a common gull (two more carcasses in the week on D straight).  Unfortunately it's prize fell in the reservoir whereupon it was set about by a great black back gull - one of only two about which gorged itself (hopefully some piccies to follow soon).

The goosanders however were still about today - still a female and two makes - thanks to Leo for these:
Alan also has some pics on Flickr.  A nice Kestrel also by Leo on the wall:
4 little egrets still about on Hempholme today - thanks to Bruce Pillinger for this one flying past North Marsh on Thursday:
The week generally has been something of a pause however - we're still waiting on some southerly winds like everyone!

Barn owl still about by Darren Smith on Friday - though perhaps a bit glum (it was likely this birds partner which was found dead the day prior):
A bit of positive news however - otter picked up on the trail camera two days ago (after a weasel runs across picture)- so there's still one on the go at least! That said an american mink this morning was not as welcome:
Reminders too -

Reserve open meeting on Sunday at 2:30pm - all welcome to hear about the latest news and developments around the reserve.

The new permits are in! We can start doing immediate renewals from tomorrow at the centre.  Thanks to everyone who has renewed by post - Either feel free to pick up at the open meeting on Sunday - otherwise they'll all be posted out after the bank holiday.

A final reminder also - there'll be no reserve walk next weekend - next one the first Saturday in May.