Monday, 31 December 2012

Year listing day

Just a quick reminder we have two guided walks going out tomorrow - the first at 10:00am and the second at 13:30 - in which we'll try and rack up as higher bird count as we can in the day - a perfect way to start off your 2013 year list!

To whet your appetite in the last week we've had:
Mediterranean gulls - peak 3 on the 26th
Pintail - peak 10 on the 26th,
Lesser redpoll - 25th
Waxwing - Christmas Day
Scaup - 1 on the 26th
Smew (red head) - 1 on the 29th
Marsh Harrier - 1 on the 29th
White fronted geese - 2 on the 30th
Pink footed goose - 1 on the 30th
Woodcock - wildlife centre
Peregrine - 1 on the 30th
Barn owl - 1 on the 31st
Kingfisher - 1 on the 31st

And otter daily if you're into mammal listing! - seen crossing the road near the lagoons at dusk tonight.  Access to the reserve is fine at present even though the floodwaters are at their highest yet on surrounding farmland - more pics to follow tomorrow.

Last call tonight for the 2013/14 membership card entry - details as per posts below...

Happy new years wildlife watching!