Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wotta lotta otta

We said the otters had been showing well - and again the ante has been upped on the photography front.  Congratulations to Alan Wrightson who finally caught up with the otters - after we'd sat in fruitless otter watches in North Marsh a couple of years back - he managed to digiscope these pre-freeze images of mother and cub:
Following this Roy Vincent got these on Sunday - more excellent shots of swimming otters:
But again; joint crown now to Roy and Steve Brimble who were both present in the hide yesterday at 8:50 and 10:30am - first of all Roy's pictures:
And Steve's (for more of his photo's visit his site here).
All stunning shots and a more intimate view of mother and cub than we've had before.  The only concern is that it is a mother and cubs as opposed to cubs like Darren's.  Hopefully one is just tucked away somewhere. 

Given this flurry of success after having a quick look on D res tonight (no notable gulls) but 97 shoveler and 3 pintail on today, with Roy and Martin L logging a notable 9 meadow pipits on Hempholme Meadows, I called in to North Marsh.  Last time I tried to video otters it took around 45 hours for 10 seconds - this time it took 10 minutes.  Preceeded by several minutes of ice smashing around the margins this character appeared...