Friday, 7 October 2011


No further news on the bonaparte's gull - or indeed on the sighting background so if you do know anything on the bird please get in touch with myself on the above e-mails, Derrick at Hull Valley or leave details in the reserve sightings book. Without these we have to unfortunately dismiss all records without further info - or send them to Elba...

This didn't stop our motley band of volunteers having a good look 'til dusk tonight. Unfortunately most of the gulls decided to assemble at Brandesburton early evening before returning to D res at dusk. Whilst the usual assemblage of 15,000 common and black-headed's were there, every cloud has a silver lining as we recorded a cracking 660 great black-backed gulls - the highest number I can recall in recent times, lesser black-backed's were down to 6 with a smattering of herring gulls.

Also present was a bizarre hybrid tufted duckxscaupxshovelerXeider - that no one was very sure on what it's exact make-up was.

Apart from this no jack snipe reported today - but the hobby, kingfisher and even an otter mid morning at North Marsh all seen.