Thursday, 6 October 2011

All crossed up

Arriving on site at 8:20 I immediately heard the distinctive chip of crossbills – and sure enough – 6 (I think all males) went overhead. Five minutes later another 10 went south over South Marsh East – so a good start to the day.

It turns out Erich had the jack snipe again yesterday and despite a no show this morning, he again re-found the bird this aft – it was still present at 16:40 when I captured this ‘stunning image’:

If you use your imagination you can just see the distinctive yellow stripes. Again best viewed from back-to-back hides on the mud on the river-bank side of the marsh.

The afternoon again gave great views of hobby hunting on North Marsh and Derrick then managed to connect with another 8 crossbills in D woods – again all moving south with mixed tit flocks, along with 10 siskin and 2 lesser redpoll.

Thanks to Andy Nunn for this pic of a satellite moth taken on Sunday’s fungi walk:

And the gull roost again put on a good show with this white crop present at 17:30: