Sunday, 12 June 2011

Phalarope update

Developments since the morning are that the bird was moved on from South Marsh East at 12.32 by a tufted duck and went missing until being refound mid aft on D res.

On further viewing we can now confirm it is a female, with a distinct broad red neck band - but maybe not as showy as some.

At the time of writing there is no further sign after it took off into the rain and a crowd of 1000 swifts and was lost - but it has been doing this repeatedly all aft. The terrible weather may encourage it to stay overnight though - reserve open from first light tomorrow for all.

Other sightings today have included 6 1st and 2nd summer little gulls on the D res and a tawny owl on the approach road barn owl box - in the middle of a field in broad daylight!