Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Coming unsprung?

A quick update is that the phalarope could not be refound despite a thorough site search on Monday morning. There is certainly a movement of little gulls however with at least two being seen every day since Saturday on D res.

Tony McLean had the first autumn passage green sandpiper of the year on Watton NR on Monday evening:

And there has been plenty of activity from the barn owls feeding young. We can come clean and admit now that there are spotted flycatchers on the reserve - unfortunately their nest has failed despite keeping it from public attention. However this happened last year too and they did get a brood off in August. Their unfound nest is now suspected to be within the Water Treatment Works compound - protected by Infrared security cameras 24 hours a day so we feel happy. If you want to see them the weeping willow in the works near South Lagoon is a good start.

Also there is a steady rise in Kingfisher activity of late - hopefully they will perform again as per the last two years in coming days, and the first mute swan cygnets have appeared - 2 on SMW from number 339 and 6 on Watton NR.

Also Tophill regular Alan Walkington contacted us to say that his excellent picture of long-tailed tits may be featured on Springwatch unsprung tonight at 8.30 on BBC2 - look out for it possibly under Alan's user name of 'Gannetal'.

As Alan correctly notes 'Tophill Low photographers rule ok!'