Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Taking to the air

Plans are coming on well for the open weekend - hopefully none more so than the weather!
However prior to this we are starring on the Phil White roadshow this Thursday - broadcasting live from the reserve at 12pm.  Should be an interesting array of characters on air!!
Please note that Friday morning we have a Yorkshire Water event taking place so access to the reception hide and new paths will be limited until midday.
A good chance to embrace summer whilst you can - being as Autumn officially started today.  The first green sandpiper of the autumn passage arrived today - predictably within two days of June 15th. 
A bit more passage of time too;  A few regulars and talks have already seen this but will be 'new' to most.  A fascinating film commissioned by Yorkshire Water forerunner Hull Corporation Water board in 1966 'On Tap.'  This excerpt shows Tophill Low and the old works in its heyday.  Most remarkable are the near complete absence of trees apart from O res 'old wood,'  various now disappeared houses, playing fields and impeccable borders and flowerbeds.  Whilst the water treatment works has changed completely since this was taken it still shows the core function of Tophill Low. 
This film was passed to us by Sally Marshall - a former Tophill Low resident whose father had retained a copy in his lot and transferred it to digital.  He was also the chief planter of most of the trees present around the reserve today: