Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A 'fare wind doth blow

At last some whisperings that the season is changing and with it some of the bird life too.  Its undoubtedly been steady for the last month - but then reports everywhere else seem to be the same; Westerly winds have been somewhat sterile but a swing to the north has started to blow in the fieldfares since last Wednesday.  Thanks to Roy Lyon for all pictures:
Other seasonal arrivals have included more bramblings - a group feeding in the car park leaf litter on Sunday, with 9 woodcock flushed from around the reserve on Saturday.  Only 4 goldeneye on the D reservoir however would suggest we are still some way from a smew.  Dunlin seen by Michael Flowers over the res was an unseasonal find (details on his blog), whereas regular redshank and 43+ curlew around the southern reserve are typical of the time of year.  Roosting on the South Marsh West they are joined by thousands of jackdaws and rooks which communally roost in D woods at this time:
With the usual gull numbers on the D:
A small group of whooper swans keep dropping in but this female scaup is likely the best bird of the minute on the D - found by Roy and Erich and more info on his blog:
There were two cetti's warblers on the Southern Marshes today with a marsh harrier south and a late chiffchaff.  And the white buzzard continues to fox people! one of its less gaudy cousins here:
Talking of weird birds of prey we have had a sighting of a lanner/peregrine cross with falconry jesses at Hempholme a couple of weeks back - turns out it escaped on Beverley Westwood five weeks prior, and had been seen at Wawne and Leven Carrs in between.  If you see it let us know and we'll forward the info on to the owner.
Meanwhile the volunteer team and Bishop Burton Students have been preparing for more new arrivals - penning area on the southern site ready for the arrival of 3 Beswick Hall belted Galloway cattle in coming days: