Friday, 11 October 2013

Whoopee - we've arrived!

Northerly winds have indeed brought in the wildfowl - 5 whooper swans yesterday and 11 today on D reservoir - thanks to John Coish for the pics:
Other highlights have been pink footed geese on Watton, little egret on North Marsh with otter today, and jack snipe showing well from the back to back hides yesterday.  We've been running the trail camera to see through the dense vegetation and interesting to pick up jack and common snipe on the camera:

Jack (at an unearthly hour):

And common:

Along with a grey wagtail:

Interestingly when the guys went to pick the camera up today they flushed 5 snipe - each of them nearly stood on - which sounds very jack snipesque behaviour; so how many are in there?

We're going back to otters for the next camera outing - an interesting pile of spraints to focus on!

The belted galloways would look nice with a glossy ibis in their paddock? The bird seen recently at Hornsea Mere would be a nice 270th species for site...