Friday, 24 May 2013

Northward bound

In a nice departure from what is usually a quick fly through on their dash northwards we've had a few nice waders drop in a hang around in recent days.  Temminck's stint made a return to the site on Wednesday morning first thing - found by Martin Hodges.  The bird was still about at last visit today on Watton NR - after a visit to the southern marshes earlier this morning where it gave slightly improved images:
The reason for the difficulty in pictures is its size - here in comparison with a supposedly tiny little ringed plover (right) for comparison:
An equally smart bird was located by Jeff Barker on Monday - wood sandpiper on South Marsh East - present until yesterday night but not seen today:
More pics on Erich's blog here. Green sandpiper on Watton NR today with two common sands too.  Yesterday saw a ringed plover on Watton NR - an uncommon visitor to the reserve.  Avocet made a brief visit on Monday too.  Greenshank by Graham Slack earlier in the week:
And also by Roy L:
Perhaps the best bird of the week has been a turtle dove purring in South Scrub - a very uncommon species these days.  Osprey has been hanging around too - last seen over south marsh east at 17:15 this evening after a few sightings through the week.  Ring necked duck still at the top of D res this afternoon too:
Up to three little gulls around most days - thanks to Roy L for these great shots:
Best of the rest included two calling cuckoos - perhaps parasitising some of the abundant warblers around site like this reed warbler by Graham:
With common whitethroat:
And sedge by John Hakes:
Who also captured this reed bunting:
Sedge by Roy L:
Anyone wanting to experience more of the warblers around site is welcome to pop down to the warbler walk this weekend - no booking necessary and free with standard admission we'll be looking at some of the varied calls and songs courtesy of Dave from Wolds Birdlife.
PLEASE NOTE; this event will be starting later than the previously advertised 10am - the event will now be running between 13:30 and 15:30. 

If the temperature drags itself into double figures you may encounter a few more of these four spotted chasers around site - thanks to Martin for this sequence of pictures showing the emergence of a fresh flyer - for the full show as ever see his blog here:
Geese still scrapping around site - thanks to Steve Brimble for these:
Grey heron on North Marsh:
And also marsh frog - now in full chorus on North Lagoon!: