Friday, 18 January 2013

Coot's last stand

A coot seemingly takes to the wing twice a year; once to fly to D res from their breeding ponds and then back again 6 months later.  As such they always hang on to the bitter last before leaving the reservoir - currently c.530 in the remaining pool on the res:
A lone female goldeneye:
Plenty of wigeon too - but clearly massive numbers on the river at the moment - this was a view down river from Hempholme today with big flights of tufties:
A male marsh harrier was harrying the occupants this morning and this pair of buzzards were putting on a brave face over the woods - dreaming of soaring on a summer thermal:
The meadow is an impressive sheet of ice:
This lapwing was clearly admiring the potential breeding habitat - just a foot of water and inch of ice to clear before April!:
Female reed bunting:
Elsewhere willow tit on the feeders and woodcock again on the centre meadow.  The suspicion of wild swans calling north of Hempholme Weir was confirmed by Brian Spence who snapped these 8 whoopers up river (pic from the facebook page):
Everyone seems to be on Facebook now - even the belted galloways of Edward and Nicola Duggleby that graced us this Autumn are whiling away their winter online - you can 'like' them here or even follow them on twitter @BeswickBelties !