Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pulling the plug

Stand by for a potential wader influx onto South Marsh East.  As part of the river Hull tunneling project we're hoping to use much of the material to build some new wader spits and islands with the surplus.  The tunnel is currently approaching the river Hull flood defence underneath North Lagoon:

This was the drilling machine which is being pushed forward at a tiny rate by hydraulic rams with a train of concrete pipes behind pressed on by hydraulic rams at over 120 tonnes of pressure. 

We hope the coarse aggregate will provide a more stable substrate for invertebrates to live in than the 'soup' currently on the bed:

To help achieve this we need to drain the marshes down to get access.  This means lots of mud and hopefully lots of waders - but only briefly as we'll be sacrificing the later part of the wader passage for it; but for next year hopefully the avocets will be able to take advantage of some new habitat.

Bird of the week this week was found by Erich Hediger - black-necked grebe today on D reservoir (though a small bird on D res doesn't make for the best of photos):

Still waders about - 8 greenshank on South Marsh East yesterday:

A green sandpiper too today, black tailed godwit and spotted redshank on Sunday, with 10 snipe yesterday:
Ruff at Wilfholme landing:

with a common sandpiper:

And an aquatic horse:

A big influx of starlings - smothering a pylon on Leven Carr:

 And the lines at Wilfholme:

Lots of greylags still amassing too:

Though remarkably barnowl still feeding young on Watton NR - a late brood after the wet summer no doubt:

Thanks to Chris Ulliott for these pictures of the black headed gulls attempting to extract an oversize fish from the res:

A range of gulls now present (CU)

No wagtail spectacular yet on the fields (CU):

But there were a few yellow wagtails around Hempholme pump house this morning:
Along with a big influx of goldfnch:


And linnets:

And a chance for a shot of the normally retiring stock dove:

Other birds of the week have included egyptian goose daily, hobby on Saturday, 2 little gulls and marsh harrier on Monday and little egret today.