Sunday, 22 May 2011

The tiny trio

Something of a passage in the last few days despite the horrendous westerly winds. Friday morning saw a greenshank on Standingholme ponds, then drake garganey turned up on Watton in the afternoon and has remained there since - rather dodgy picture here:

The same night we also had a common sandpiper and 2 ruff picked up on watton too.

Yesterday we had a temminck's stint which was still present all of today - along with a dunlin and a little ringed plover. The size of the birds at this range did not make for a great photo however!:

Other interesting sightings include black tailed godwit on South Marsh East, turtle dove in South Scrub, and also a brief glimpse of purple heron again. Grass snakes have been everywhere again, cuckoo calling, and many tadpoles in South Marsh West. David Maritt kindly sent us these pictures of an osprey passing over the river Hull today also:

Martin managed 7 hairy dragonflies and a couple of red-eyed damselflies yesterday.

Finally thanks to Steve and Jessica Stokes who sent us this picture of a rabbit seen on the approach road by several - a young rabbit with no ears...or is it a squirrel with no tail?