Monday, 7 February 2011

Wind problem

A wild and windy few days at the reserve - with D res looking more like the North Atlantic:

The result was a few trees down in D woods blocking off North Marsh Hide on Saturday - all sorted now with thanks to Cliff for his assistance and Alan Marshall with his camera:

The gull roost is still impressive if not by species then certainly by numbers:

It's well worth a look - we see many visitors disappear at 4pm, but there is quite a spectacle at 5pmish:

Up to six goosander return at around this time each night to roost on the reservoir too:

Along with plenty of nice goldeneye:

HVWG sent us this picture of the little egret commuting over the reservoir. According to the East Yorks Bird Forum one is regularly seen around Wansford - the same one?:

Also overhead was a group of lapwings:

Too fast to photograph - but present every evening at the moment is the peregrine. On Friday viewing with Martin it appeared to maybe use the gulls as a smokescreen before pursuing a group of woodpigeons.

Other sightings include 4 smew - 2 each on Watton and D res, and still plenty of bramblings as seen by Michael Flowers group.

Here's one for the insect enthusiasts - found amongst the hay cuttings when myself and Cliff were prepping the snake piles for this year. Presumably one of those larvae which live in plant stems over winter - measured around 15mm in length. Will have a look myself when I get chance - but suggestions welcome...

The first grass snake of the year found by Les and Margaret on the bank of O res. Unfortunately a bit past its best - much like the first one we found last year which we discovered in an otter spraint!:

Finally follow the link to Vince Cowell's site - the escalation in sparrowhawk photography continues - this being the image I have failed to get for the last 3 years but seen daily!