Monday, 10 January 2011

Unlucky for some...

But the 13 whooper swans on the approach road are always nice to see:

They have been coming and going between D reservoir and unfortunately the opposite side of Watton Beck from the chicken farm - 300yds away and 4 miles drive!:

Also seen this morning was the merlin perched on various buildings and posts. This kestrel was on the Treatment Works fence on Saturday morning however:

Two red-headed smew have been on D reservoir fairly regularly, along with a nice drake pintail on O res this morning. The odd goosander has also been on D like these two females:

The gulls seem to prefer the ice - this rapidly shrinking 'berg was hot property for the roost tonight. Despite Martin's best efforts we've yet to find an elusive 'white-winger' - bit good things come to those who wait (or freeze!):

Main highlight of the last two days has been views of bittern on the ground again for the first time this year on South Marsh West. In a thorough seal of approval for our work earlier in the autumn it has taken a liking to the freshly willow cleared reeds. Yesterday it was possibly stalking a snipe in the reed beds:

It is easy to forget that they eat a wide range of prey - including a rodent last March. Small wonder Martin reports everything getting out the way when it buzzed D res on Saturday! Pics courtesy of HVWG:

Then today it was out again - some more great pics from Graham Slack - if only someone hadn't put a post in the way!:

The feeders still have the brambling - again from HVWG:

There was a scare that the bird this sparrowhawk was eating may have been the willow tit - but it was seen again today!:

It must be said however that my picture above is not quite of the standard of Tony McLean's - follow the link for an impossibly sharp sparrowhawk flight shot!

Finally some of you may have noticed the lack of hide on Watton NR:

The Environment Agency and Hull Valley Wildlife Group are installing a replacement which is likely to be up by month end.