Monday, 4 October 2010

Kingfishers unsprung

Many of you will have seen the regular and stunning photos on this blog courtesy of Tony McLean and his long vigils in the North Marsh hide.

Great news is that Tony has been approached by BBC Autumnwatch who want to use the excellent shot below as part of a live discussion with kingfisher photography extraordinaire - cameraman Charlie Hamilton-James in their live 'unsprung' programme at 9.30 this Thursday on BBC2 - looking at and evaluating various kingfisher shots.

For more info have a look on Tony's blog here where he tells all.

Compliments to Tony for all his hard work and patience in getting the photos that attracted the producers - but also to our volunteers who helped install the artificial nest and perches that undoubtedly keep them ever present.

So make sure you tune in!

Little to report today - other than obviously the kingfishers continuing to delight people in North Marsh, and a sparrowhawk making several attacks on the centre feeders.