Friday, 27 August 2010

Wading in

The marshes have seen the best passage of wading birds for a couple of years. Thursday evening saw an excellent 14 green sandpipers stopping off to feed and sleep – the best number recorded since the D reservoir was drained in 2007.

They have offering some nice close in views on the small island in front of the hide as below:

Likewise a passing ruff this evening offered some nice close ups when not being harassed by the lapwings:

In addition snipe, curlew, greenshank and a pintail have all been frequenting the marsh too - when not scared off by the herons coming in roost:

Small passerines are also moving through in numbers too - so keep your eyes peeled for some of the ones we need for the challenge totals. The numbers of great crested grebes are growing steadily on the reservoirs – this was one of 20 on ‘O’ reservoir.

At the other end of the reserve the kingfishers have been coming up with the goods again – virtually with a continuous presence – even I managed some decent results!:

Regular Alan Walkington managed to get this video of the kingfisher preparing a stickleback for consumption:

In addition he managed to get this film of a pair of snipe feeding too:

Nearby Mandy Sears got these images of a young roe deer:

She also managed to photo this ichneumon wasp attempting to parasitise volunteer Pete Drury!

Finally we leave all the blackberries around the site for the birds – but this fox on the trail camera was helping itself too!