Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The ghost of Tophill

Nothing too scary! - rather this nice ghost moth in the moth trap on saturday:

Also present was this white ermine:

And a scorpion fly which landed on top:

A bit more ghostly were these images on the trail camera - the fox cub wandering around and a chance shot of tawny owl - bit difficult to tell if it got anything. The adult fox was reported hunting ducks with a stoat on North Pond at the weekend.

The spotted flyctachers have been seen again below - so hopefully they are attempting a new nest.

Bird wise elsewhere it is the usual candidates - the two first summer little gulls (below), red crested pochard and two black swans all in attendance, with up to two green sandpipers being seen at Watton over the last few days.

There are some great orchids around site at present including this bee:

Common spotted (with probably some marsh in it):

Pyramidal orchid:

And common twayblade:

This interesting fly of the diptera order was on a hogweed yesterday - have yet to find its name:

Finally regular Tony McLean has been coming to the reserve for some time and has been getting some great shots of the Reserve - so have a look here - link up on the right too - for an taster of the quality of Tony's work see this excellent shot of the newly returned kingfishers below: