Life Listers

Tophill all-time life lister league
If you would like to feature, compile your list using the guidelines below and e-mail your name, total number, and latest Tophill 'lifer' to (and again with any updates)

1. 239 - Roy Lyon - Cattle Egret
2. 227 - John Leason - Cattle Egret
3. 222 - Erich Hediger - Red Kite
4. 211 - Martin Hodges - Grey Phalarope

5. 199 - Martin Lonsdale - Grey Phalarope
6. 174 - Richard Hampshire - Grey Phalarope

7. 170 - John Hirschfield - Yellow-legged Gull
8. 133 - Andy Nunn - Iceland Gull

For the purpose of this list the definition of a Tophill sighting is any bird seen from within the Yorkshire Water land holding (in simple terms bounded by the river Hull to the east, Hempholme Pump house to the north, Beverley and Barmston Drain to the west and Wilfholme to the south), or from the Yorkshire Water access road (from the main gates to Angram Farm). You can count any bird seen when standing in this area be it on the ground in neighbouring fields or a flyover too – so by proxy any bird seen on Watton NR is OK too (from the YW hide). You can only count the numbered birds on the official Tophill list – escapes and un-confirmed birds can’t count. We are also including heard species too for this list - to save people disturbing them for a tick like quail.

This relies on a bit of honesty – but in some ways is self-policing as if we havn’t heard of you and you have the highest numbers on site questions will be asked! Have fun!